nianin – lower your expectations

Components and prescription of nianin

0,05 ml of extract of pure Immortelle in a 1 ml bottle

To be opened and sniffed every time you feel you have exaggerated your expectations, which by itself leads to unnecessary longing and bad decisions

Dosage: 1 sniff whenever necessary to lower expectations and make you feel content with whatever you’ve got here and now, disregarding other people’s expectations and influences in your life

Side effects: None

All you expected and it didn’t give results is the quintessential for prescribing Nianin.

By lowering your expectations you give room for the unknown to enter into your life loosely and unprecedentedly, so to lift up your spirits once and for all, done and over with.

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Performance basics done by Nia:

Perform in your most outrageous clothes doing simple things, like: cutting cucumbers, draining wet laundry etc., in the presence of continuous exclusive support of music by Nincheto

Design by tigre de plush

#nianin presentations

@bunker studio #SofiaArtWeek2020, 20.09.2020

and at @partoutfestival Kaserne Basel by @panch 10.10.2020

Nia Pushkarova, Partout, Kaserne Basel 2020. Photo by Markus Goessi. #kasernebasel #performanceart #performancefestival #artwork #art #bulgaria @kasernebasel #markusgoessi #artsupport #performer120846426_10158013096193409_533403211960989962_n 121097702_10158011056833409_2988364661484798836_n 121197734_10158011057793409_2003495065493309688_n 121200414_10158011056598409_1460051125492648095_n 121201204_10158011057203409_4333779054503003260_n 121203189_10158011057238409_1953178923946691190_n 121305720_10158011056493409_2748923377317699082_n 121312880_407829787280533_3350827689582831491_n 121460679_10158014564603409_7148260477427434155_n 121493082_10158013096003409_3453187363525390622_n 121513116_10158019577803409_7676079044727902510_o 123096255_2471856256441778_6440394662034090857_o

auction of product nianin – lower yoir expectations with Voin Voinov at Kaserne Basel 2020


120048122_390656312331214_6034783349739031699_n@bunker studio #SofiaArtWeek2020, 20.09.2020 with @Nincheto



Design by tigre de plush


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