The Application 2010

Presented at Supermarket art fair 2010
Collaborative project by Nia Pushkarova and Cristian Rieloff
With given application forms the viewer is allowed and granted a permission to view the art piece within the space.  A table is located with application forms for you to fill in and a box to put them in.
The idea is inspired by the numerous, by default nowadays, cases in which a person(artist in our case) is accompanied by and asked to fill in application forms in order to obtain certain social/artistic or other statuses.
The separation between the viewer and the art piece is a mere contradiction in terms with the actual desire to show an art piece.
The desired granted permission of the viewer, to gain a glimpse of the non-existing different reality, is questioning the instruments with which we operate in our society and judgments based on national and other prejudices. There is no assigned committee to decide who is to be given permission to enter the space, it is not important. What is important is that you have to identify yourself and fit within specific criteria’s in order to enter the space, then and only then you can feel the different perspective of being from the other side of the security border.