Nia Ivanova Pushkarova

9 Bogatica Street, Sofia 1421 Bulgaria

GSM+359(0)898 31 20 30
E-mail :
Web site:
Director of NGO-IME:
Member of the Board of Directors of Bulgarian Festival Association from 2012
EFFE award of European Festival Label year 2015-16
1991-1995 BA in Fine arts, Reading University, UK,
1985-1989 Trojan Collage of Arts, specialising ceramics
BA Honors in Fine Arts
ICCM, Salzburg, Austria – art management diploma
Teaching qualification in Fine Arts and Ceramics
English Teaching Qualification from ”Britanica”, Sofia
Kodak Award 1995, UK


2017 – Curator of Bulgarian Pavilion ”Distant Relatives” at Nakanojo Biennale 2017, Japan – and participation with with video performance

2017 – Organizing Water tower art residency 2017 – participation with performance – “Predisposition limited by circumstance” at old train Depot Poduene

2017 – Participation at “Art Now Live tour” 2017 – Athens and Venice- performance “Bulgarian Pavilion” at Venice biennale

2016 – Participation at EFFE Festival academy, Atelier for young festival managers, Chiang Mai 2016

2016 –Participation at PARABIOSIS 3,”Communication and co-existence” , Chongqing, China
2016 – participation at Mexico, Coahuila “RAYA EN EL AGUA”
2016 – Participating at Art Walk Kimolos, Greece
2016 – Water tower art fest – organizer and curator
2016 – Wroclaw – Aim meeting participation exhibition
2016 – “Cool is the rule- reinvent oneself” – Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany, collaborative project with Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes/Norway
2015 – Solo exhibition at Gallery Arosita, Sofia
2015 – Participation at Nakanojo Biennale, Japan
2015 – Water tower art fest – curator and participation with photo installation “Epilogue”
2015 – Mallorca, Spain exhibition at Benissalem photo and paintings “13:15 Laxenberg”
2015 – Participation at Setup Art Fair, Bologna – Arte contemporanea presented by gallery Rieti
2014 – Curator and organizer of Water tower art fest, participating as artist with glass mural and video installation
2014 – participation at Lichtenberg Studios Berlin artists residency
2013 – October – organizer and artist participant at show in London UK, Bulgarian cultural center and Standpoint gallery – The Bulgarians are coming WTAF in UK
2013 – Participation at Façade fest Plovdiv
2013 – Participation at Larroque art fest,
France – video installation: “The expulsion of Adam and Eve”
2013 – June “Water tower art fest” – Temporary protected spaces – organizer and curator, participating with video installation “Expulsion of Eden”
2013 – April “Trans local meeting” Palma de Mallorca, Spain – presentation of activities at Miro Foundation and exhibition at Binissalem exhibition hall
2013 – Workshop and presentation of activities and art work at Ostrava school of Art, Czech Republic
2013 – March – “Hospital for lovers” – installation – participation at Gallery Raiko Alexiev curator Dimitur Grozdanov
2013 – Participation at Haifa event, Israel – “Lower Haifa, Upper Haifa” with video installation
2012 – Participation at Belgrade art fair as artist and organizer of Water tower art fest
2012- September – presenting Water tower art fest at a traveling exhibition and participating with installations at Stara Zagora youth festival “ Razlichnia pogled”, Vidin old synagogue, V.Turnovo mini fest at the Old post office
2012 – August – September “Feminine expression” – exhibition at SAMCA Museum of Contemporary art Sofia – oil paintings and video installation
2012 – August – Participation at plain air Tryavna – “Art Symposium Forma” with exhibition at gallery “Fund -13 century Bulgaria”
2012- Initiating and organizing – Water tower art fest, 2012 in Sofia
2011 – Participation with video installation at Drap Art Barcelona FAD, and presenting the Water tower art fest as a curator
2011 – Water tower art fest – organizer
2011 – May, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Incart festival of contemporary art – participation with video installation “Door”
2011 – March, April, City Gallery Lovech and Vidin exhibition “Man and Woman” – paintings with Cristian Rieloff
2011- February, Supermarket art fair 2011 – participation with Cristian Rieloff in the installation “The Application”, and presenting Water tower art fest
2010 – Gallery IME, Sofia– exhibition “Man and Woman” – paintings with Cristian Rieloff – Sweden
2010- Water tower international art fest – “Clairvoyance”, Sofia
- Manager and organizer from behalf of NGO – IME and participant with video installation “Indigenous Nia” at old Bath Bankya
2010 – April – “Art locomotion” – exhibition participation at Museum of Boris Hristov, Sofia, oil paintings
2010 – March – Artist residency at “Art in motion” residency , Coomba, Australia, supported by National Fund of Culture – mobility fund
2010 – February – attending “Supermarket 2010 meetings” – Stockholm, Sweden, granted a travel grant from “Step Beyond”, presenting Water tower project
2010- January – ID: I “Friends”– Exhibit in Stockholm – participation with video installation
2009 – Solo exhibition – oil paintings and drawings at Restaurant “The Clock” – Sofia
2009 – 1st Istanbul meeting, part of the Istanbul Biennale 2009 – presenting artistic initiatives
2009 – “Nomad village” Pavlikeni – participation with photo–developing life performance
2009- “Water tower art fest” – main organizer and participant, ,
2008- “Urban Guardian Angels”- Water tower, street fest– video installations and a citizen initiative with Municipality of Lozenetz Sofia – organizer form behalf of NGO IME
2007- “Nia: Feral”- Life Performance at Reading University, UK –- DVD and life performance, with sound done by Nicola Zena Lumley and editing Kelly Lumley, camera Bono.
2007 – “Melting the ice” – performance – project in Haparanda, Sweden, with partners from Haparanda and “Step Beyond” mobility grant.
2007 – Project “Clean” Poduene, a citizen initiative and partners: “Private clinic Kantchelov”;, “Kino “Haide” group, grant of Municipality of Sofia to NGO –IME
2006 – Water tower 2006 – citizen initiative project organized by NGO IME–partners:, atstro+prism-Newcastle, UK
2006 – “Longing for love” – a project by Nia Pushkarova with oil paintings, photography and music, part of a project “Base Dating”, with partners “ Astro – prism” from Newcastle, UK, workshop by Nicola Lumley –digital music, Pro–Helvetia grant.
2005- August- Participation at ICCM, Salzburg, Austria – Culture management course +degree
2005- July – Participation at Prague International Contemporary Art Biennale-IBCC with photo project “Pentimento”, with curator Vessela Radoeva
2004 – Participation at “ABC” –cultural management course project- Borovetz – exhibition SGHG-Sofia December 2004
2003 – Pentimento (partial, photo –installation) exhibit at the Bulgarian cultural institute in Warsaw, Poland
2003 – Poland “Galeria Wschodnia”, Lodz, Pentimento- photo installation
2003 – Sofia,” Beyond the Alley on the Attic” Project- “Pentimento” – photography and oil paintings, sponsored by- Billboard print and HP Sofia
2002 – Solo-exhibition, London, UK, “Gallery Sophia”, oil paintings and photography.
2001- Exhibition- oil paintings at Sheraton Hotel, Sofia.
1999 – One woman show at the “XXL” Gallery, Sofia, Photographs and oil paintings.
1999 – VJ at The “Comix Club”, Varna.
1999 – 23 April – Vision, slide projection, photo-billboards (2x3m) and projection of computer generated images – Live video mix as part of the visual space concept for dj’s sets of dj Elbee Bad (USA), dj Valentine (BG), dj Chris (BG), dj No-Good (BG), and dj Jassen Petrov (BG), curator Nia Pushkarova in collaboration with Deyan Raikov and Elenko Elenkov – LL.
1998 – Vision (VJ) – slide projection at the concert of “Band of Mad Women”, Sofia.
1997 – participation at art-plainer Trojan, Life-Art performance.
1997 – Photo – exhibition at Jazz Club” St. George”, Sofia dedicated after Student protests February’97.
1997 – Debut exhibition”New Names” site specific installation, Museum of Modern Art, Sofia, Shipka 6
1996 – Live Photo-performance, Bankya in accordance with SU Sofia practice of students
1995 – “The Flint and Steel” – Happening organised by Art pedagogue team, together with teachers and students from Sofia University and children from different schools in Sofia, coordinator and organiser
1995 – Degree show, Reading University, UK- video and photo installation.
1994 – Non-degree show at Reading University, UK, oil paintings.
1994 – “A Trace of Touch” – Arapya, international art symposium, coordinator from behalf of Bulgarian University Pedagogue team.
1994 – “Art in Reading” – installation with slides and paintings.
1988 – “10x10x10”, Exhibition organised by Art in Action, Sofia University.