Nia  Pushkarova

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Director of NGO-IME:
Member of the Board of Directors of Bulgarian Festival Association from 2012
EFFE award of European Festival Label year 2015-16
1991-1995 МА, BA in Fine arts, Reading University, UK,
1985-1989 Trojan Collage of Arts, specialising ceramics
BA Honors in Fine Arts
ICCM, Salzburg, Austria – art management diploma
Teaching qualification in Fine Arts and Ceramics
English Teaching Qualification from ”Britanica”, Sofia
Kodak Award 1995, UK




Visual artist (painting, video installation, photography, art lecturing, performance). Chairwoman of NGO-IME since 2004. Founder, curator and organiser of Water Tower Art Fest (EFFE award of European Festival Label year 2015-16) 2006-2019. Member of the Board of Directors of Bulgarian Festival Association since 2015.


Awards, Exhibitions, Publications, Lectures, Workshops, Projects, Residencies etc.


2020 – Participation at Partout performance festival Basel, Switzerland organized by Panch

2020 – Organizer of WTAR #4 artist residency C(r)eative mode

2019 – Participating at IMAF multimedia performance festival Novi Sad, Serbia

2019 — Organizing Water tower art residency #3

2019 – Solo exhibition at Gallery Serdika –“Summer”2019, photo and pastel portrait drawings

2019 – Participation at Week of contemporary arts in Plovdiv 2019 -installation

2019 – Participation at “White Rabbit fest” Sofia – performance

2019 – Organizing AIM meetings Plovdiv 2019 part of EU Capital of Culture program

2019 – Participation at Biennale Internazionale Donna Trieste, Italy

2019 – Participation in group ER collective performance “In search of G-spot” at Sofia Underground

2019 – Artists at Residency at Ne-Na arts space, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2019 – Performance participation at Low Fat Art Fest, Bangkok, Thailand

2018 – Solo show “Art with working hours” dedicated to women raised in socialism at Gallery Geshov, Sofia

2018 – A juror of 21st International show at “Woman made gallery”, Chicago

2018 – Curator of Water tower art residency – Social development through creative practice

2017 – Participation at Bulgarian Pavilion “Distant Relatives” at Nakanojo Biennale 2017, Japan – video performance, curation

2017 – Organizing Water tower art residency 2017 – participation with performance – “Predisposition limited by circumstance” at old train Depot Poduene

2017 – Participation at “Art Now Live tour” 2017 – Athens and Venice- performance “Bulgarian Pavilion” at Venice biennale

2016 – Participation at EFFE Festival academy, Atelier for young festival managers, Chiang Mai

2016 – Participation at PARABIOSIS 3, “Communication and co-existence”, Chongqing, China

2016 – Participation at Mexico, Coahuila “RAYA EN EL AGUA” photo installation

2016 –  ECVP vol 5 – Crisis & Utopia – participation at video project

2016 – Participating at Art Walk Kimolos, Greece

2016 – Wroclaw – Aim meeting participation exhibition

2016 – “Cool is the rule- reinvent oneself” – Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany, collaborative project with Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes/Norway

2015 – Solo exhibition at Gallery Arosita, Sofia

2015 – Participation at Nakanojo Biennale, Japan

2015 – Mallorca, Spain exhibition at Casal de Cultura Can Gelabert of Binissalem, photo and paintings “13:15 Laxenberg”

2015 – Participation at Setup Art Fair, Bologna – “Arte Contemporanea” presented by gallery Rieti

2014 – Participation at Lichtenberg Studios Berlin artist residency

2013 – October – organizer and artist participant at show in London UK, Bulgarian cultural center and Standpoint gallery – “The Bulgarians are coming” WTAF in UK

2013 – Participation at Façade fest Plovdiv

2013 – Participation at Larroque art fest,

France – video installation: “The expulsion of Adam and Eve”

2013 – April “Trans local meeting” Palma de Mallorca, Spain – presentation of activities at Miro Foundation and exhibition at Casal de Cultura Can Gelabert of Binissalem

2013 – Workshop and presentation of activities and art work at Ostrava school of Art, Czech Republic

2013 – March – “Hospital for lovers” – installation – participation at Gallery Raiko Alexiev, Sofia, curator Dimitur Grozdanov

2013 – Participation at Haifa, Israel – festival “Lower Haifa, Upper Haifa” with video installation

2012 – Participation at Belgrade art fair as artist and organizer of Water tower art fest

2012 – August “Feminine expression” – group exhibition at SAMCA Museum of Contemporary art Sofia – oil paintings and video installation

2012 – August – Participation at plain air Tryavna – “Art Symposium Forma” with exhibition at gallery “Fund -13 century Bulgaria”

2011 – Participation with video installation at Drap Art Barcelona FAD, and presenting the Water tower art fest as a curator

2011 – May, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Incart festival of contemporary art – participation with video installation “Door”

2011 – March, April, City Gallery Lovech and Vidin exhibition “Man and Woman” – paintings together with Cristian Rieloff

2011- February, Supermarket art fair 2011 – participation with Cristian Rieloff in the installation “The Application”, and presenting Water tower art fest

2010 – Gallery IME, Sofia– exhibition “Man and Woman” – paintings together with Cristian Rieloff

2010 – April – “Art locomotion” – exhibition participation at Museum of Boris Hristov, Sofia, oil paintings

2010 – March – Artist residency at “Art in motion” residency, Coomba, Australia, supported by National Fund of Culture – mobility fund

2010 – February – attending “Supermarket 2010 meetings” – Stockholm, Sweden, granted a travel grant from “Step Beyond”, presenting Water tower project

2010- January – ID: I “Friends”– Exhibit in Stockholm – participation with video installation

2009 – Solo exhibition – oil paintings and drawings at Restaurant “The Clock” – Sofia

2009 – 1st Istanbul meeting, part of the Istanbul Biennale 2009 – presenting artistic initiatives

2009 – “Nomad village” Pavlikeni – participation with photo–developing life performance

2008- “Urban Guardian Angels”- Water tower, street fest– video installations and a citizen initiative with Municipality of Lozenetz Sofia – organizer from behalf of NGO IME

2007- “Nia: Feral”- Life Performance at Reading University, UK –- video and life performance

2007 – “Melting the ice” – performance – project in Haparanda, Sweden,“Step Beyond” mobility grant.

2007 – Project “Clean” Poduene, a citizen initiative and partners: “Private clinic Kantchelov”;, “Kino “Haide” group, grant of Municipality of Sofia to NGO –IME

2006 – “Longing for love” – exhibition by Nia Pushkarova and Yan Pushkarov- oil paintings, photography and music, part of a project “Base Dating”, with partners “Astro – prism” from Newcastle, UK, Pro–Helvetia grant.

2005- August- Participation at ICCM, Salzburg, Austria – Culture management course & degree

2005- July – Participation at Prague International Contemporary Art Biennale-IBCC with photo project “Pentimento”, with curator Vessela Radoeva

2004 – Participation at “ABC” –cultural management course project- Borovetz – exhibition SGHG-Sofia December 2004

2003 – Poland “Galeria Wschodnia”, Lodz, “Pentimento”- photo installation

2003 – Solo show at “Beyond the Alley on the Attic” Project- “Pentimento” – photography and oil paintings, sponsored by- Billboard print and HP Sofia

2002 – Solo-exhibition, London, UK, “Gallery Sophia”, oil paintings and photography.

2001-  Solo exhibition- oil paintings at Sheraton Hotel, Sofia.

1999 – One woman show at the “XXL” Gallery, Sofia, Photographs and oil paintings.

1999 – 23 April – Vision, slide projection, photo-billboards (2x3m) and projection of computer generated images

1998 – Vision (VJ) – slide projection at the concert of “Band of Mad Women”, Sofia.

1997 – participation at art-plainer Trojan, Life-Art performance.

1997 – Photo – exhibition at Jazz Club” St. George”, Sofia dedicated after Student protests February’97.

1997 – Debut exhibition “New Names” site specific installation, Museum of Modern Art, Sofia

1995 – Degree show, Reading University, UK- video and photo installation.

1994 – Non-degree show at Reading University, UK, oil paintings.

1994 – “Art in Reading” – installation with slides and paintings

1988 – “10x10x10”, Exhibition organised by Art in Action, Sofia University.