nianin – lower your expectations

Components and prescription of nianin

0,05 ml of extract of pure Immortelle in a 1 ml bottle

To be opened and sniffed every time you feel you have exaggerated your expectations, which by itself leads to unnecessary longing and bad decisions

Dosage: 1 sniff whenever necessary to lower expectations and make you feel content with whatever you’ve got here and now, disregarding other people’s expectations and influences in your life

Side effects: None

All you expected and it didn’t give results is the quintessential for prescribing nianin.

By lowering your expectations you give room for the unknown to enter into your life loosely and unprecedentedly, so to lift up your spirits once and for all, done and over with.

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Performance basics done by Nia:

Perform in your most outrageous clothes doing simple things, like: cutting cucumbers, draining wet laundry etc., in the presence of continuous exclusive support of music by Nincheto

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