Before and after K19

With the support of Sofia Municipality Този прпект се реализира с подкрепата на Столична община, по инициативата „Солидарност в културата”.


English version Поредната самостоятелна изложба на българската художничка, визуален артист и майстор на провокативни инсталации Ния Пушкарова „Изкуство с работно време“ е предизвикателен арт експеримент със силно изразени психологически акценти. Характерно за почерка и работата на Ния Пушкарова е натрупването на пластове – от психологически осъзнатото до социално изговорената серия от послания, свързани със спомените READ MORE

Art with working hours

Solo exhibition at Gallery Geshov – Sofia November 2018 Текст на български “Art with working hours” is a statement from the artist Nia Pushkarova, done under private research with sharing memories in text and its visualization. The format is like an open studio work with interaction with public at Gallery Geshov, Sofia from 12th of READ MORE

Epilogue WTAF 15

The motives for Epilogue photo performance was based on CONTEXT OF FESTIVAL WTAF – Since 2006 we initiative the Water Tower Art Fest in Sofia. This festival is an international art event with performances, installations, presentations and workshops that takes place every year in different spaces throughout the city of Sofia and beyond in Bulgaria. READ MORE

Birdwatching 2014

participation at Lichtenberg Studios 2014 Berlin trafficjam #3 Birdwatching video by Nia Pushkarova “Even the birds are not left to be just birds with us. It’s difficult to fly. Their wings are dirty. It is not bad to leave some space for ourselves. What could be more important than the bird’s song and to have READ MORE