Laxemburg b/n 13:00 to 13:15

21st of March till 25th of April 2014 in an exhibition “Laxemburg b/n 13:00 to 13:15” in Palma de Mallorca in a wonderful old castle like house in Benissalem, with my friends Penka Mincheva and Marcos Vidal
The overall theme is connected to the inadequacy of time and under general title:
“Laxemberg b/n 13:00 till 13:15″
Apparently it was a radio station played during my mother’s adolescent years, which played rock exactly at 13:00 each day, until 13:15, only for 15 min. So they were dancing for 15 min every day listening to latest rock and roll sounds – mid 60’s. This is how we continue to feel right now, we have our own life and only form time to time we are allowed to dance for 15 min on latest tracks of contemporary sounds. Stolen moments from the unrealized future/past dreams.
So i am mixing portraits of me, my mum and my grandmother as young(which themselves are part of series”Feminine expression”) ; and recent zoo-morphic paintings with: what it seems, random photo images at first , but they are actually my associations with the present situation that we are in (generally and nationally) and basically forming some kind of point of rest on behalf of me, as present self and past generations.

Laxemberg bn13 00 and 13 15





central vhod

flowers 1


green ph


red phone