Armor of tears

The combined ideas are based on salt and water

Nia’s interpretation is connected to emotional state of mind or rather lost emotional body due to detachment of body and mind and the protection of salty tears as an armor on a dress. ​

By sprinkling salt from a pot back into the Salt Lake I returned some of the materialized experience causing emotional pain, after filling the empty pot with water a new cycle had begun, already protected by armor of tears.

Mariko’s idea is:

When we call it ‘water’ actually it would be never only H2O.

The liquid, which we call water, consists of so many other things and changing the situation at any moment.

It can generate something from it and it could also integrate something else into it.

Like everything else in this world. We recognize things by giving them a name.

But most of the time, we hardly know anything more than that.

The poetry Nia says is her blank verses in Bulgarian also the poem by Katy Lue

“tears of salt,

tears of fire,

tears of hate

and pure desire,

tears of the sick,

tears of the strong,

tears that sing a drowning song,

the bitter taste of sorrow’s salt,

the dampness left on my skin,

the redness in my eyes of guilt,”

She ends the performance in a dress with written text

“Armor of tears”