Cool is the rule – reinvent oneself!

@schillerpalais, Berlin
Cool is the rule – reinvent oneself!
Presentation and dinner cooking by 2 artists and curators Nia Pushkarova/ BG and Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes/Norway
Nia Pushkarova
For this particular show, we thought with Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes to make an overview of our curatorial practice being both women, single mothers, artists and curators, even being form a different background and country of origin.
While preparing food at the presentation in an unformal way, we will present our practice as artists and curators, eat and use plates with printed drawings of mine –made under an utter sense of love towards a beloved person. The title of the show is: Cool is the rule – reinvent oneself!
During the years I have got to the point of extending my practice as an artist into making artist run initiative for making a platform for communication through the arts. The festival I have made is called Water tower art fest. I see myself as a mediator of the western culture and eastern in a way, dealing with art helps me situate myself better in the everyday life being in Bulgaria or elsewhere. The questions of feminine expression are an important one for me and I do explore it in my paintings and videos. Another topic of mine is the sharing – experience, ideas and memories.
So in the recent years in my art I incorporated performance and life situation as a main inspiration to the work I am doing with different mediums- painting , photography and video.