Participation at IMAF 2019 Multimedia performance festival , Novi Sad, Serbia

A performance INTERNATIONAL MULTIMEDIA ART FESTIVAL – IMAF, NOVI SAD based on translation of words from Bulgarian to Serbian via IPhone translation app measuring the weights of each word in sugar cubes exactly 100 gr and the IPhone itself weighing 259 gr! The communication between our neighboring countries is both obstructed and /or made easier by READ MORE


English version Поредната самостоятелна изложба на българската художничка, визуален артист и майстор на провокативни инсталации Ния Пушкарова „Изкуство с работно време“ е предизвикателен арт експеримент със силно изразени психологически акценти. Характерно за почерка и работата на Ния Пушкарова е натрупването на пластове – от психологически осъзнатото до социално изговорената серия от послания, свързани със спомените READ MORE

Art with working hours

Solo exhibition at Gallery Geshov – Sofia November 2018 Текст на български “Art with working hours” is a statement from the artist Nia Pushkarova, done under private research with sharing memories in text and its visualization. The format is like an open studio work with interaction with public at Gallery Geshov, Sofia from 12th of READ MORE

Nakanojo Biennale 2017 – Bulgarian pavilion “Distant Relatives”

In September 2017 Bulgarian group of artists part of Water tower art fest participated at Nakanojo Biennale in its own pavilion under the theme of “Distant relatives” at old Daisan school in the area of Nakanojo, Shima Onsen.  We shared the venue with other international groups of artists from Thailand and Poland.            READ MORE