ER Collective performance @Sofia Underground 2019


ER art collective are 4 female artists working in different disciplines of art, who come together with the aim of addressing problematic issues concerning the understanding of men and women as a form of emergency help. By deconstructing and reimagining accepted social stereotypes through absurd alternatives, we hope to clear misconceptions from both ends and come to a peaceful realization of our shared identity and presence in the modern world.

Thus making the separate roles of the performers, interacting with each other and constructing the whole by uniting layers of psychological and social paradigms, representative of the chaotic and sometimes under defined and undervalued role of the woman in our societies.
The members of ER art collective are: Anguelina Rangelova – writer and cultural worker, Nia Pushkarova visual artist and organiser of Water tower art fest, Ralitza Petrova – filmmaker and video artist, and Juliana Saiska- theater director and performer.
Part of the @Sofia Underground in April 2019 we initiated a performance called
Which is an investigation into that intangible spot of intimacy and happiness, deeply hidden behind stereotypes and superstitions, social roles and expectations, internal prohibitions and external punishments.  ttps://
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