Hospital for lovers 2013

“KNOWN METHODS FOR CURING PATIENTS OF THE HOSPITAL FOR LOVERS – WITH FLUCTUATING EFFECT. Sample taken from clinical pathways of patient with established diagnosis, with ambulatory card N: 127465624893190123-123001230130230234-023402340130130130-230234023401340123-401234013401234023-402340340134012340-134023402340234023-402340234023402340-234023402340234023-402340234023402340-234023402349234923-402340234…” exhibition “Hospital for lovers” – 2013 at “Raiko Alexiev” gallery, curated by Dimitar Grozdanov

The Application 2010

Presented at Supermarket art fair 2010 Collaborative project by Nia Pushkarova and Cristian Rieloff With given application forms the viewer is allowed and granted a permission to view the art piece within the space.  A table is located with application forms for you to fill in and a box to put them in. The idea READ MORE