The Bulgarians Are Coming 2013

“Water Tower Art Fest in London” or “The Bulgarians Are Coming” – 21st to 28th October 2013 – was held at The Bulgarian Cultural Institute London ( and in Standpoint gallery ( for one day presentation on 24th October.  The art show was dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and collaborations between various artists from different nations,
Artists from the UK or those artists based in London, along with their Bulgarian colleagues. were each invited to support the event in London, as part of the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Throughout its history, the Festival is an artist-run initiative giving a platform for the communication between artists from different backgrounds and nationalities which is held in a number of abandoned buildings in and around Sofia, each building providing a specific value to the place and history of the locale, thus giving us an opportunity to explore and visualize the complex, multi-layered history and culture of Bulgaria, as well as communicating freely through the arts on topics ranging from tolerance and the general quality of urban, modern life in the region.
The Festival idea turned out to be one of the most respectable events in the history of contemporary art in Bulgaria, showing more than 900 artists’ works since its inception in 2006 up until the present time.
The conceptual framework also evolved in a ‘base’ for the exchange of ideas and concepts thusforming important communication networks between many of the artists and artist- run initiatives, all around Europe and the world.
On this basis, drawing on the success of the Festival, we have now decided to extend the Festival presentation in collaboration with and the support of many of the international artists residing in London to show the positive ways of communicating with each other through the medium of the arts, extending far beyond the limits of national, international and European politics of the day.
Facebook / installation photo album
Facebook / Opening photo album
Facebook / Opening photo album

Alexandra McGlynn (UK) – “He said that I am the way” voices landscape presentation
Andy Broadey (UK) – “Still”2013 a presentation at Standpoint Gallery and “Sight Seeing – Photography “2012
Anna Simeonoff (BG) – print series: “Idioms- Anatomists”
Arran Poole and Mark Summers (UK) an improvised music concert
Caitlin and Andrew Webb – Ellis (UK/Canada) – video
Claire Halpin (UK) – “Micro-aviary 1” drawing
Emil Mirazchiev (BG) – video film: “Marlene”
Galya Yotova (BG) – photography installation
Gareth Bell Jones (UK)
Herve Constant (UK) video films
Hitomi Kammai (JP/UK) – sculpture „ Roses“
John O’Hare (UK) – installation
Juan DelGado (UK) photography “The Wounded Image” (2002),
Kenneth G. Hay and Seetha A. – Moorland Productions (UK) – installation
Marieta Tsenova (BG)
Nia Pushkarova (BG) –Paintings series of “I am your balance” (2012) and video film: “The Expulsion of Adam and Eve” (2013)
Remi Mechant (UK) – photography
Vessela Mihailova and Tiago Martins (BG &Portugal) – interactive sound installation
Curator: Nia Pushkarova
*The project is realized with the support form National Fund of Culture, Bulgaria.