Birdwatching 2014

participation at Lichtenberg Studios 2014 Berlin trafficjam #3 Birdwatching video by Nia Pushkarova “Even the birds are not left to be just birds with us. It’s difficult to fly. Their wings are dirty. It is not bad to leave some space for ourselves. What could be more important than the bird’s song and to have READ MORE

The Bulgarians Are Coming 2013

“Water Tower Art Fest in London” or “The Bulgarians Are Coming” – 21st to 28th October 2013 – was held at The Bulgarian Cultural Institute London ( and in Standpoint gallery ( for one day presentation on 24th October.  The art show was dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and collaborations between various artists from different nations, Artists from the UK or those artists based in London, along with READ MORE

Feminine Expression 2012

Curated by Hitomi Kammai and Nia Pushkarova August 30th – September 20th 2012, Opening 30 August, Thursday, 6 pm Feminism is born with the conviction that the difference between sexes is in the base of the world politics. In the 1970s the feminist movement was born in Europe and in USA. With the popularization of READ MORE

Hospital for lovers 2013

“KNOWN METHODS FOR CURING PATIENTS OF THE HOSPITAL FOR LOVERS – WITH FLUCTUATING EFFECT. Sample taken from clinical pathways of patient with established diagnosis, with ambulatory card N: 127465624893190123-123001230130230234-023402340130130130-230234023401340123-401234013401234023-402340340134012340-134023402340234023-402340234023402340-234023402340234023-402340234023402340-234023402349234923-402340234…” exhibition “Hospital for lovers” – 2013 at “Raiko Alexiev” gallery, curated by Dimitar Grozdanov